Farmscan Ag products are developed under the harshest Australian conditions, with input from farmers and contractors to ensure practical features and user-friendly operation.

Being Australian and having strong ties to the farming community means customer feedback directly defi nes the quality and content of our products, and ensures they are perfectly suited to Australian and international farming needs.

Farmscan Ag is now the only wholly Australian-owned Precision Agriculture design, manufacture and solution provider. Farmscan Ag products are continuing to gain international recognition with expanding operations in New Zealand, Europe, North America, South America, China and South Africa.

Our AgGuide GPS guidance, vehicle and implement auto steering products are leading the world with special capabilities to operate round and round, contour and in parallel mode for both broad-acre and row crop farming. Advanced mapping, record keeping and GPS Laser-Levelling capabilities mean AgGuide is a comprehensive system for productivity and precision agriculture.

The 1020 seeder blockage monitor is one of our original products and has stood the test of time to be one of our most sought after monitors, due to its simplicity to install and operate.

The release of the new 7000 series product in 2015 gives us one of the most comprehensive and user friendly range of controllers with capabilities ranging from spray, seeding and fertiliser applications. Combined with the Jackal (with it’s increased features and multilingual options) the company is in its strongest position ever.