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ImagePart No.DescriptionPrice Ex GSTBuy
AH-232/B1 ½" Polmac 10‐60 L/Min Rapid Check Flow Insert$477.40 Inc GST
AH-6271" Male Adaptor fits to Female End of Arag/Geoline Valve$12.10 Inc GST
AH-6261" Male Adaptor fits to Male End of Arag/Geoline Valve$12.10 Inc GST
AH-602/11" Outlet Hosetail Fitting$9.90 Inc GST
AH-6221/4" Pressure Gauge Adaptor$19.80 Inc GST
AH-8611/4" Finger Screw (Pair) - 1000-3000 Series Monitors$16.50 Inc GST
AH-602-1/2½" Outlet Hosetail Fitting$9.90 Inc GST
AA-2301" Polmac 10-100L/Min Rapid Check Flow Insert & Sensor$1,089.00 Inc GST
AA-230-C1" Polmac 3-20L/Min Rapid Check Flow Insert & Sensor$968.00 Inc GST
A-1020/31020 Airseeder Blockage Replacement Monitor ONLY$935.00 Inc GST
HM-10310mm x 10mm Rare Earth Magnet$8.80 Inc GST
AH-5482 Way Junction Box (Used with 1020 Kit)$22.00 Inc GST
A-20912 Wire Valve Interface (3 to 2 Wire Interaface)$121.00 Inc GST
HM-10220mm Rare Earth Button Magnet$22.00 Inc GST
HM-102/520mm Rare Earth Button Magnet - Pack of 5$88.00 Inc GST
AC-2010/24V124V1 to Trimble Boom Section Interface Cable$385.00 Inc GST
C-003/303 Core Red/White/Black Cable (30 metre)$231.00 Inc GST
C-003/503 Core Red/White/Black Cable (50 metre)$385.00 Inc GST
AH-5473 Way Junction Box (Used with 1020 Kit)$27.50 Inc GST
AH-602-3/4IN¾" Outlet BSP Male Thread Hosetail Fitting$9.90 Inc GST
AH-602-3/4¾" Outlet Hosetail Fitting$9.90 Inc GST
AH-310031XX Replacement Fan Bracket$18.70 Inc GST
310X-R31XX Replacement Remote$16.50 Inc GST
AH-5464 Way Junction Box (Used with 1020 Kit)$33.00 Inc GST
3100-TC-47 Pin Trailer Connector Kit (Connects 4 Cameras)$253.00 Inc GST
33077" Analog Wireless Monitor Kit$352.00 Inc GST
3307-33017″ Analog Wireless Monitor & Camera Kit$192.50$352.00 Inc GST
2189Advanced Hay, Straw and Silage Digital Tester$649.00 Inc GST
1020Airseeder Head Blockage Monitor Kit - Single Shoot with 6 Sensors$2,299.00 Inc GST
1020TAirseeder Head Blockage Monitor Kit - Twin Shoot with 12 Sensors$4,455.00 Inc GST
3301-2414Analog Camera - 2414Mhz$192.50 Inc GST
3301-2432Analog Camera - 2432Mhz$192.50 Inc GST
3301-2450Analog Camera - 2450Mhz$192.50 Inc GST
2178Baler Moisture Tester Plus - (Dual Sensor)$792.00 Inc GST
A-2220PBin/Tank Level Sensor$209.00 Inc GST
2060Bin/Tank Level Sensor Kit$302.50 Inc GST
HC-091Brass Body for AA-122P or AA-123P$302.50 Inc GST
3100-EXT-10MCamera Extension Cable - 10m$19.80 Inc GST
3100-EXT-15MCamera Extension Cable - 15m$27.50 Inc GST
3100-EXT-20MCamera Extension Cable - 20m$33.00 Inc GST
3100-EXT-05MCamera Extension Cable - 5m$12.10 Inc GST
3250Camo Cam HD - Portable Surveillance Camera$396.00 $300.00 Inc GST
AA-112GCoil Type Sensor - (100-9999RPM) - Gason$104.50 Inc GST
AA-112PCoil Type Sensor - (100-9999RPM) - Packard Connector$104.50 Inc GST
AA-112HBCoil Type Sensor - (100-9999RPM) - Packard Connector - Horwood Bagshaw$104.50 Inc GST
AA-112P/5Coil Type Sensor - (100-9999RPM) - Packard Connector - Pack of 5$396.00 Inc GST
AA-112CCompact Coil Type Sensor (100-9999RPM)$104.50 Inc GST
AA-112C/5Compact Coil Type Sensor (100-9999RPM) - Pack of 5$319.00 Inc GST
AA-110CCompact Reed Type Sensor (1-1500RPM) - Wheel Sensor$104.50 Inc GST
AA-110C/5Compact Reed Type Sensor (1-1500RPM) - Wheel Sensor - Pack of 5$319.00 Inc GST
AA-430Depth Position Sensor$154.00 Inc GST
AA-484Depth/Remote Run Hold Switch$379.50 Inc GST
AA-3032Depth/Remote Run Hold Switch for Canlink or other (3 Pin Plug included)$434.50 Inc GST
2166Digital Grain Moisture Meter$407.00 Inc GST
2167Digital Grain Moisture Meter Plus$825.00 Inc GST
A-2188CCDigital Hay Moisture Probe Calibration Clip Replacement$49.50 Inc GST
2188Digital Hay Moisture Probe with Calibration Clip$495.00 Inc GST
A-2199HDigital Scales - Replacement Hand Piece$104.50 Inc GST
2199Digital Weigh Scales$583.00 Inc GST
U-030Dual Lock$88.00 Inc GST
3100-CCExtra Camera Cable Harness with 4 Inputs (V1 Monitor)$33.00 Inc GST
3100-PCCExtra Camera Cable Harness with 4 Inputs & Power (V2 Monitor)$44.00 Inc GST
3100-PCExtra Monitor Power Cable with Fuse (V1 Monitor)$33.00 Inc GST
3205Eye View - Rechargeable Wi-Fi Camera$214.50 Inc GST
FARMNAV-PCFarmnavigator G6 12v DC & Data Vehicle Cable$82.50 Inc GST
FARMNAV-DCFarmnavigator G6 12v DC Vehicle Cable$33.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-ACFarmnavigator G6 240v Power Adapter$66.00 $33.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-FLFarmnavigator G6 Fixing Lace$82.50 $22.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-ASFarmnavigator G6 Magnetic Antenna Stand$121.00 $82.50 Inc GST
FARMNAV-MDFarmnavigator G6 Magnetic Dock$143.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-SSFarmnavigator G6 Silicon Surround$60.50 $11.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-SMFarmnavigator G6 Suction Mount$82.50 Inc GST
FARMNAV-ANT-CFarmnavigator G6/G7 Replacement Antenna Cable$82.50 Inc GST
FARMNAV-ANTFarmnavigator G6/G7 Replacement Antenna Kit$825.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-G7Farmnavigator G7 Ezy + GPS Antenna Kit$3,190.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-PBFarmnavigator G7 Replacement Dock$385.00 Inc GST
FARMNAV-SM-G7Farmnavigator G7 Suction Mount with RAM$198.00 Inc GST
AH-441FFemale Packard Pins & Seals - 10 sets$18.70 Inc GST
AA-123PFlowsensor - Brass Body 1" 2 - 90L/min$649.00 Inc GST
AA-123EPFlowsensor - Electronic Top Only$357.50 Inc GST
AA-125Flowsensor - Plastic ½" 1-17L/min$484.00 Inc GST
AH-602/GGeoline 1" 10 Bar Section/Dump Valve - (3 Wire)$264.00 Inc GST
AH-600/GGeoline 1" Proportional Control Valve (2 Wire)$330.00 Inc GST
AH-608/GGeoline 1" 20 Bar Pressure Relief Valve$154.00 Inc GST
AA-CONTROL/3Geoline Control Set - 3 Section$2,035.00 Inc GST
AA-CONTROL/3-BAREGeoline Control Set - 3 Section Bare$2,035.00 Inc GST
AA-CONTROL/5Geoline Control Set - 5 Section$2,365.00 Inc GST
T-135GPS Speed & Position Sensor (NMEA Out)$302.50$478.50 Inc GST
AA-2006PHall Effect Sensor (Morris)$192.50 Inc GST
AA-106Hose Clamp Magnet$33.00 Inc GST
AA-106/5Hose Clamp Magnet - Pack of 5$126.50 Inc GST
HC-308Impeller Replacement for AA-122P or AA-123P$66.00 Inc GST
2177SInchamber Replacement Moisture Sensor$88.00 Inc GST
2178SInchamber Replacement Moisture Sensor for In Chamber Plus$82.50 Inc GST
AA-112MInductive Fan Sensor (Morris)$379.50 Inc GST
HM-506Jackal 2.4mm Blade Screw Driver$2.20 Inc GST
JACKAL-CONTROL-AREAJackal Area Control$775.50 Inc GST
JACKAL-CONTROL-AREA-GPSJackal Area Control with GPS$847.00 Inc GST
JACKAL-AREAJackal Area Monitor$720.50 Inc GST
JACKAL-AREA-GJackal Area Monitor with GPS$792.00 Inc GST
JACKAL-CONTROL-SPRAYJackal Control Spray KitFrom: $1,078.00 Inc GST
JACKAL-CONTROLJackal Controller - No Sensors$748.00 Inc GST
P-321Jackal Input Plug - Green$6.60 Inc GST
P-322Jackal Input Plug - Grey$6.60 Inc GST
JACKAL-2Jackal Monitor - Build Your Own
JACKALJackal Monitor - No Sensors$638.00 Inc GST
AC-105Jackal Monitor Power Cable - 5m$38.50 Inc GST
AC-101Jackal Monitor Power Cable - 8m$44.00 Inc GST
AC-4501/SJackal Spray Implement Loom$165.00 Inc GST
AC-4501/TJackal Spray Tractor Loom$165.00 Inc GST
AH-407Jackal Suction Mount & Bracket$19.80 Inc GST
JACKAL-CONTROL-TACHJackal Tach Control (100-9999RPM)$775.50 Inc GST
JACKAL-TACHJackal Tach Monitor (100-9999RPM)$720.50 Inc GST
JACKAL-CONTROL-TACH-SJackal Tach Slow Control (1-1500RPM)$775.50 Inc GST
JACKAL-TACH-SJackal Tach Slow Monitor (1-1500RPM)$720.50 Inc GST
AH-441MMale Packard Pins & Seals - 10 sets$18.70 Inc GST
2177SCMoisture Sensor Extension 7.6m$93.50 Inc GST
2178CMoisture Sensor Extension 9.1m$115.50 Inc GST
2177CMoisture Sensor Extension Cable 3m$88.00 Inc GST
Moisture Sensor Power Cable 3m$104.50 Inc GST
AC-141FMonitor Power Cable (Fused) - 5m$81.40 Inc GST
AH-409Mounting Bracket - 1000 Series$28.60 Inc GST
AH-406Mounting Bracket - 2000 Series$44.00 Inc GST
AH-405Mounting Bracket - 24V1/3X00 Series$44.00 Inc GST
AH-634Mounting Brackets$16.50 Inc GST
AH-632O Ring between Valves$3.30 Inc GST
AH-442Packard 2 way M/F connectors - 5 sets$60.50 Inc GST
AH-443Packard 3 way M/F connectors - 5 sets$77.00 Inc GST
AH-230/APolmac 1" 3-20 L/Min Rapid Check Insert$506.00 Inc GST
AH-230/BPolmac 1” 10-100 L/Min Rapid Check Insert$506.00 Inc GST
AH-230/B-CPolmac 1” 10-100 L/Min Rapid Check Insert$396.00 Inc GST
2031Polmac 1” 10-100L/Min Rapid Check Flow Insert & Sensor with Pulse Divider$1,237.50 Inc GST
AA-230/APolmac 1" 10-100L/Min Rapid Check Flow Insert & Sensor & Body (Arag Flange)$968.00 Inc GST
AH-230/A-CPolmac 1" 3-20 L/Min Rapid Check Insert (Ceramic)$396.00 Inc GST
AA-232Polmac 1½” 35-350 L/Min Rapid Check Flow Insert & Sensor$1,089.00 Inc GST
AH-232/APolmac 1½” 35-350 L/Min Rapid Check Insert$477.40 Inc GST
AA-231Polmac 2" 75-750 L/Min Coil Flow Sensor (2 Wire)$1,188.00 Inc GST
AA-230S/RCSPolmac Rapid Check Sensor to suit AA-230 & AA-232 (2 Wire)$291.50 Inc GST
AA-230S/ALUPolmac Rapid Check Shielded Sensor$319.00 Inc GST
AA-114Pressure Sensor 0-10 Bar (600kpa)$418.00 Inc GST
AA-119-LPressure Sensor 0-20kpa$418.00 Inc GST
AA-119-HPressure Sensor 0-600kpa$418.00 Inc GST
2010PProximity Sensor Kit$214.50 Inc GST
AA-2010PProximity Switch$137.50 Inc GST
AA-105/5Pulley Magnet - Pack of 5$41.80 Inc GST
2034Pulley Sensor Kit (100-9999RPM)$154.00 Inc GST
A-2090Pulse Divider$214.50 Inc GST
AH-5402RAM 1" Ball Mount Set (2x Base & Ball + RAM Arm)$74.80 Inc GST
AH-5401RAM Double Socket Arm for 1.5" Ball$77.00 Inc GST
AH-5601RRMRAM Stainless Steel Double U-Bolt Base with 1.5" Ball$74.80 Inc GST
AA-110PReed Type Sensor - (1-1500RPM)$104.50 Inc GST
AA-110P-5Reed Type Sensor - (1-1500RPM) - Wheel Sensor - Packard Connectors - Pack of 5$396.00 Inc GST
AA-110GReed Type Sensor (Gason)$104.50 Inc GST
AA-110HBReed Type Sensor (Horwood Bagshaw)$104.50 Inc GST
HC-309Replacement Pressure plate for AA-122P/AA-123P$55.00 Inc GST
3205L-IPRugged Wi-Fi Camera - With Floodlight$330.00 Inc GST
3205-IPRugged Wi-Fi Camera - With IR Light$324.50 Inc GST
1021Secondary Head Sensor & Junction Box Kit$225.50 Inc GST
A-1021Secondary Head Sensor Replacement$203.50 Inc GST
AC-210Sensor Extension Cable - 2 way 10m$70.40 Inc GST
AC-202Sensor Extension Cable - 2 way 2m$44.00 Inc GST
AC-205Sensor Extension Cable - 2 way 5m$53.90 Inc GST
AC-088Sensor Extension Cable - 2 way 7.5m$62.70 Inc GST
AC-310Sensor Extension Cable - 3 way 10m$86.90 Inc GST
AC-312Sensor Extension Cable - 3 way 12m$95.70 Inc GST
AC-305Sensor Extension Cable - 3 way 5m$64.90 Inc GST
AC-089Sensor Extension Cable - 3 way 7.5m$75.90 Inc GST
AA-117Shaft Magnet and Clamp (17-32mm)$49.50 Inc GST
AA-117/5Shaft Magnet and Clamp (17-32mm) - Pack 5$198.00 Inc GST
2076Shaft Sensor Kit (1-1500RPM)$154.00 Inc GST
2077Shaft Sensor Kit (100-9999RPM)$154.00 Inc GST
1501Solenoid Shutdown Kit$588.50 Inc GST
AA-231S/ALStandard 12v Flow Sensor$291.50 Inc GST
AA-423Tailshaft Magnet & Clamp (100mm)$71.50 Inc GST
AA-423/5Tailshaft Magnet & Clamp (100mm) - Pack of 5$242.00 Inc GST
2009Tailshaft Sensor Kit$154.00 Inc GST
A-1300Tractor noise filter & surge protection set$423.50 Inc GST
AA-133Wheel Magnet & Nut$38.50 Inc GST
AA-133/5Wheel Magnet & Nut - Pack of 5$154.00 Inc GST
1007PWheel Sensor Kit$154.00 Inc GST
PC-POCKET-TRWi-Fi Pocket Router$55.00 Inc GST
3205-IP-KITWi-Fi Rugged Camera - Build Your Kit$44.00$330.00 Inc GST
T-160Wi-Fi Rugged Camera External Antenna$44.00 Inc GST
PC-INV1232-12VWi-Fi Rugged Camera Inverter$35.20 Inc GST
31007" Quad Camera Kit$588.50 Inc GST
31099" Quad Camera Kit$643.50 Inc GST
3101Colour Camera - Square Style$148.50 Inc GST
3102Colour Bullet Camera Kit$148.50 Inc GST
3109K9" Quad Monitor Kit (No Camera or Cables)$368.50 Inc GST
3100K7" Quad Monitor Kit (No Camera or Cables)$313.50 Inc GST
AH-5401APRAM Square Attachment Plate with 1.5" Ball$71.50 Inc GST
AH-5601RBRAM 2.5" Round Base with 1.5" Ball$66.00 Inc GST