Jackal Control Spray Kit

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The Jackal 3 section spray controller offers great flexibility and simple to operate. Suitable for all sprayers, the Jackal Spray controller integrates with your existing motorised or solenoid valves* to provide fully automatic spray control.

The target rate is maintained automatically, so even when shutting down sections or when there is variation in speed or pressure, over/under application is virtually eliminated.

*Additional Hardware required if connecting to Solenoid/Hardi/2 Wire Section Valves (A-2091) – 3-2 Wire Converters

The Jackal-Control-Spray will display speed & hectares, flow and section control and is packaged as follows:

1 A-JACKAL-C Jackal Controller
1 AH-407 Jackal Suction Mount & Bracket
1 AC-4501/T Jackal Tractor Loom
1 AC-4501/S Jackal Implement/Spray Loom


  • 7x Reed/Prox Input/Flow/Alarm/Bin Level/Remote Run/Hold
  • 2x Varying Voltage (Pressure Sensors)
  • 1x GPS Input for Speed
  • Control Outputs for 3 Sections, Dump & Control Valve
  • All Ports unlocked for Monitoring & Control


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